This is the brainchild of a scientist from Lithuania with a passion for nootropic supplements, health, and neuroscience. It’s something I work on with a few online friends.

We started off taking these supplements at university, and when we graduated we were still interested in the power of nootropics and in what they can really do for people.

I have ADH and a close friend is on the autistic spectrum. As a result it’s very interesting to me in particular, to look into those drugs which treat it. Through that I stumbled into a lot of different drugs, and I try to blog and cover my experiences with them as often as time allows.

Incidentally, if you wish to allow me a little more free time please give us however little on our donation page.

It started off being about recording my understanding of the nootropics I experimented with at school and later university to study.

The experiment began with modafinil, when a few friends suggested it to me for a long night study session. Taken aback at first, I later became hooked on its amazing ability to aid recall and keep me awake.

My thinking that I should share the story of mine and my circles’ stories using nootropics, because most students and a lot of other professionals use them now.

Even drugs like cocaine and speed are Nootropic in some ways, in that they are used by professionals to get an edge in an environment where optimizing your body and mind is essential if you want to outcompete and outmaneuver your competition.

There’s ways to maintain a healthy diet and supplement with nootropic drugs in a smart way when you need an edge. We hope to slowly communicate some of what we’ve learned through our blog posts and pages, and we hope you’ll keep coming back to read our content.

Unfortunately, this page is still under development. My friend and I maintain it, and recently to help us cover the costs of monthly web hosting etc. we have added some affiliate links, to Amazon.

If you buy nootropics regularly, or are making a purchase on anything and want to help us out then please use our affiliate link from Amazon 🙂

Nootropic.Press is a free resource for learning about nootropics. If you’d like to speed up progress, please donate to us by Bitcoin!

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