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What is Modafinil?

Modafinil is a performance enhancing smart-drug that is legally available over-the-counter in many countries. Sadly, in the UK, the USA and many European countries the tablets require a prescription.

They are legal to buy from outside the EU, and to import into most EU nations and the UK. For more information on the legality of Modafinil read our fact sheet.

You might also be interested in hearing about a guest writers experience with Modafinil. There’s a lot of vendors on the dark web, but few available on the clear web who are official companies based in a nation with selling regulations.

Why to Buy Modafinil and Nootropics Online from High Street Pharma:

For this reason we usually recommend official pharmacies such as HighStreetPharma. Besides Modafinil, they also sell a range of other pharmaceuticals, smart drugs and otherwise. Most of these are ‘generics’, meaning they are drugs which are sold both by the original parent company- in Modafinils case, Cephalon, but also by other registered companies who have either bought the distribution rights or, when the copyright for a drug has dropped have begun selling their own version of the drug.

Read our guest writers review of Modafinil, Modvigil and Modalert here.

These smart drug manufacturers still adhere to strict standards and must be cleared by the federal drugs agency (FDA) in the United States. We would not review or recommend any company that us or our guest writers had not personally tried, and found to be safe.


However, we also must declare that we are not doctors or medical proffesionals, and this is not to be taken as an endorsement or a suggestion. We have no liability for any health issues or otherwise that you may experience as a consequence of reading and acting on our reviews or website information, which is purely educational. Please consult with a doctor before beginning any new medications.

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