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I had never planned to buy Modafinil or start taking a smart drug on a regular basis until I entered my second term at City University. It was then that I started to panic, about my coworkers, friends and how far I was lagging behind. After a few weeks of taking Indian Modafinil on a semi-regular basis I seemed to find the time and mind space to sustain an intense life full of revision, socialisation and paid work.

– Anita Patel, 23, London

Why I Ordered Modafinil Online

I had a busy term at City University of London and I was severely struggling. Managing a full workload at a nearby bar, whilst trying to make the most of 5 hours sleep a night isn’t something I recommend to any student or professional. And yet we’ve all been there, and its inevitable: sometimes you just have to make it work.

In my quest to maintain my first class degree in second year (that’s a grade of 70% and above for those across the pond) I explored a lot of options. Organic chemistry isn’t the easiest to pass, and I’ve been known to spend nights crushing up stimulants like Ritalin and Adderall and snorting them, in a desperate, last-ditch attempt to pass the exams which I had not been able to fit in sufficient revision for. The Modalert I ordered from highstreetpharma did not require these hardline tactics. after taking it in the morning, I did not need another dose to keep me alert and awake for the rest of the day.

Why Not Other Stimulants?

Stimulants like Ritalin always left me jittery, wound up and nervous for a few days following their usage, and they also affected my moods in wholy unproductive and negative ways. I often felt depressive and down in the days and sometimes weeks after long binges, which lead me to pumping up on Coffee, that further ruined my sleep.

In comes Modafinil. It was first introduced to me by a few Physics masters students. They have to manage a notoriously high work load and I was curious to ask them just how they managed it. The answer they presented me with was ‘have you ever watched Limitless?’.

‘Of course’ I answered, but that was just a rumour floating in the collective unconsious- we had all tried Adderall or Ritalin, either gifted to us by a friend with loosely defined ‘ADHD’, or simply ordered online from various sellers (at the time, the deep web amphetamine shortage was not yet in full effect in the UK).

None of us had really experimented with this rising star in 2016, and after trying it I saw they were right about its status, it did indeed illuminate my nights with an incomparable, wide-eyed alertness. When it arrived, we eagerly sat around the table in our student flat and eyed the inconspicuous package. We unwrapped it like a Christmas gift, and after some initial ‘are we sure’s?’ gobbled down the tablets with a large glass of water.

Effects of Modafinil

We didn’t experience much, until about half an hour in- it’s worth noting we had eaten breakfast a few hours ago and were used to the intense, dizzying rush that comes with methylphenidate and other stimulants, including coffee. Modafinil was a different beast altogether, far subtler and we did not realise its effects until we noticed we had been studying for 3 hours with no cigarette, snack or coffee breaks.

We had tunnel vision like we had never experienced it before. Hours of grinding on complex note taking, filling out past-paper answers and recalling earlier concepts and we still felt as wide-eyed as new-born owls. This continued for the next 10 or so hours, until we started dropping off. I suspect we could have continued, as we all reported some difficulty sleeping that night- but you have enough power to decide when to call it a night. It doesn’t glue you to your chair with the same urgency that ritalin does.

Arvigil Armodafinil Tablet 150 MG

My first experience with Armodafinil went very well, after some initial worries I just took it. I proceeded to study for 10 hours straight!

I had an amazing experience with it. Most of my housemates who shared in the experiment did too, and I say most because one of them had pretty bad dhiorrhoea his first time using it, which wasn’t fantastic for everyone else sharing the library toilets that day.

Incidentally, upset stomach seems to be one of the only down sides of Modafinil. Some people report headaches because of a lack of choline. I prepared for this by eating eggs for breakfast and chicken for lunch everyday that I took it, and found myself headache free.

Where to Buy Modafinil (UK) From the Clear Web

Highstreetpharma is a US based business who specialise in international deliveries of a number of popular, high-street pharmaceuticals such as Modafinil, Viagra and many other useful cabinet fillers.  They have a good reputation and seemed to be the go-to for the majority of students I spoke to who use Modafinil.

I heard good things about their stealth, their price and the delivery time. On ordering I had about a week to go before my first exam and I was panicking that they wouldn’t arrive on time. The customer support was great, I got quick replies and great support when I repeatedly, anxiously asked about the arrival date.

Since I ordered, I noticed that they have revamped their website and have a useful tracker that works with the ID that they send you via email, so that you can check the status of your order at any time.

The best part about ordering through them was that they’re a so called clear-web website, meaning there’s no need to go through the hassle of using TOR browser and finding a deepweb market. I simply signed up, and used my paypal to purchase the Modalert and Artvigil.

Why Modafinil and not other Aderall Alternatives or Stimulants?

The afinils are a relatively safe family of drugs, with side effects being very rarely reported by users. In the past, they have been used by fighter pilots to maintain wakefulness on long shifts. Now, Modafinil has become a favourite among silicon valley executives, students and anyone who needs an edge in their performance. If you’re interested in learning more about the ins and outs of Modafinil, check out this fact sheet on it!

High Street Pharma also sell a range of other nootropics such as Artvigil, Waklert, Modvigil, and Modalert. The difference between the types of Modafinil is mainly strength, but also the abundance of the two different types of modafinil present within, called entainomers. More on this below!

Why did we Buy Modafinil Online from High Street Pharma?

I ordered some blister packs of Armodafinil. This is just like regular modafinil, but with a higher percentage of a longer-lasting version of the compound.  I also ordered an equal amount of Modalert, which I ended up sharing with my room-mate who preferred it to Artvigil.

Both packs are picured on the left. They are standard pharmaceutical packs, and came in stealthy packaging that didn’t give anything away. I picked them up from my halls post office block with no problems and had 1/2 of a Modalert pill that same morning.

I double checked and they’re all legitimate, ‘generic’ modafinil (this just means that they aren’t produced by the originators of the drugs, Cephalon. The drugs themselves work the same, and are just a little bit cheaper. All of these drugs are FDA approved, and regularly sold in the USA- in fact everything sold by highstreetpharma.com is FDA approved, making them a great source for nootropics.

Modafinil – How I Took It

Modafinil and co are typically composed of one or two enantiomers called R and S enantiomers, which are similar-looking mirror-image compounds.  S has a half life of around 3-4 hours, whilst R lasts longer, it has a half life of up to 15 hours1https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/medicine-and-dentistry/modafinil.

Armodafinil and Modafinil have distinct pharmakokinetic profiles, despite having the same half lives, because they have different concentrations of the two enantiomers present inside them. Modalert was much more urgent and felt more stimulating than Artvigil for me, and I attributed this to a higher percentage of the S enantiomer in the Modalert2https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19663523.

Armodafinil maintains higher concentrations in the blood, later on in the day. This made it ideal for long study sessions where I needed a consistent energy profile instead of an initial rush as I found to be the case with Waklert. Although that might also have something to do with the many, many cigarettes I managed to burn through during the day.

I had daily doses starting at 50 mg, and working my way up to a full tablet (150 mg) by the end of the week. At the beginning, I double dosed, so 2×25 mg in order to help build up the drug in my system. Modafinil is a treatment, and whilst it can be used one off it’s worth considering taking it daily if you are using it for exams.

This is because of a theory called state-dependent learning. If you’re learning in a certain frame of mind, you want to be as close to that frame of mind as possible whilst you’re recalling and applying the information that was learned.

If you're thinking of ordering...

DO: watch out for their 21 day (max) waiting period on items sent via air-mail, although certain EMS orders are 7-14 days. Whilst they’re usually much quicker than this, it can be a hassle if you need them in time for a certain exam or day. Order in advance and make sure to select the correct shipping options.

DO: Make the most of Discounts when buying Modafinil if you can! HighStreetPharma gives you 25% discount if you pay in Bitcoin or altcoins, and will send you 30% more tablets than you order if you’re over a limit and pay in Bitcoin. Consider a wallet & exchange in-one that also pays and connects to your bank account- consider for example, signing up for a free coinbase account, for easy transactions here. It’s much easier than the alternative of paying via giftcards from Amazon etc., although these are fairly quick to purchase and use too.

DO: Order in bulk if you can. When spending over $150 on any products, including nootropics you receive free delivery which is not an insignificant discount, when tallied up with their existing discounts for bitcoin payments and add-ons. This is part of the reason we chose to order from them, as most websites will not provide free delivery- and if you’re ordering with friends or colleagues it’s not difficult to go over the $150 limit just on nootropics!

DON’T: hesitate to contact them with any questions. They’re very friendly and will promptly answer any questions you have about their products, shipping or anything else.

Don't take Modafinil and Alcohol, Don't Mix in General

Modafinil is quite unreactive, and safe. Even so it is processed by the liver and taking it with Alcohol is not recommended.

It’s a lot of work for your liver, and you may also become delusional about how drunk you are because of the stimulating effects of alcohol.

For more information, check out our Modafinil factsheet.

Snorting Modafinil

Don’t do this! It irritates your mucosal membranes so much. We keep getting questions about this, and it seems to be a growing trend. If you’re interested in more FAQs like this one about snorting modafinil check out our frequenly asked questions page.

Final Ratings For highstreetpharma.com

Criteria High Street Pharma’s Performance Why?
Price 4/5 They’re well priced compared to almost every other online vendor.
Delivery 5/5 They came before the described time, and offered tracking codes.
Stealth 5/5 The tablets came in a discreetly packaged envelope that drew no attention from my university halls.
Customer Support & Refunds 5/5 They have an amazing, no questions asked refund policy.
Total Rating 4.7/5 After investigating and then trialing them, I’m satisfied that they were the right choice to order from!

Final Thoughts: Modafinil isn't Quite like NZT or Drugs from Movies Like Limitless, but It Does Work

Since hearing about all of the dodgy Modafinil and derivatives vendors, and the list of possible side effects when purchasing non-FDA approved generics I was quite worried about ordering.

I’m incredibly pleased to have found a regular retailer for Modafinil that is not only FDA approved but is also based in a country with tough legislations on drug sales. I’ve been ordering regularly from them, and they’re consistent in the drugs they sell (I have had even effects from all nootropics I’ve ordered from them, with no inconsistencies. This is somewhat rare in the nootropic sector where you might get anything in the post!).

If you decide to order, I highly recommend HighStreetPharma.com for their product, price, discreetness and friendly customer service. Always remember to take your drugs at the recommended dosages and not to mix or combine drugs without checking if there is any interactions with any other medications you are taking. If you have severe anxiety or other health problems, consult with your GP first.

Lastly, I’m just an organic chemistry student. I may be knowledgable in this field but no-one, and I repeat no-one can replace a reputable doctor or pharmacist when it comes to teaching you about what you should and shouldn’t take safely. Treat this article as an experience review and nothing more. The hosts of this website and I the writer are not liable for any problems or accidents you might encounter after buying and taking Modafinil, or any other nootropic drugs.

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