L Theanine | For Humans | For Dogs | Most of all: For a Sense of Calm and Well Being

This blog post is written by Esmé, who has a BSc. in Protein Biology.

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L theanine is a common amino acid most notably found in tea leaves. In recent years, it has gained a lot of media attention as a consequence of being a wakefulness-promoting agent, sans any drowsiness. Sounds pretty useful right?

In nootropic stacks it’s most commonly combined with Caffeine. The way to do this is to balance the doses, so that the calming effects of the l-theanine are felt more than the caffeine.

Everyones caffeine tolerance is different, and you will need to carefully weigh out l-theanine if you are using it in its powder form, starting at small doses (<250 mg) and working your way up until you find a balance that leaves you feeling calm but alert.

Looking for some L-Theanine to add to your diet? We recommend starting with a powder form only after trying a cheaper alternative such as a lower dose capsule form of l-theanine. Try mindful matter on Amazon, they provide clean l-theanine that works smoothly and doesn’t come with any nasty gastro intestinal side effects as some capsule forms do. Take it from someone with IBS!

L Theanine for Dogs

Being a natural compound, some people also tout its benefits for anxious dogs. If you are going to get l theanine for your dogs we recommend buying an all natural l theanine powder that has the least chance of damaging your dogs and will last them a while. Opting for capsules or smaller batches will be expensive, and tough for them to swallow.

Your best bet is mixing in a vegan l-theanine powder such as this pure organic l theanine powder into their dog food.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post and that you’ll keep your eyes peeled for our full page spread on L-Theanine that’s coming up later this month.


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