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Last update: Saturday 7th at 6 pm GMT


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  • The total global number of reported cases of COVID-19 has now broken the 100,000 mark
  • 5 new countries including Colombia, Holy See, Peru, Serbia, and Togo have reported cases in the past day


  • Coronavirus Total Cases + Deaths

    Linear graphs of total cases of coronavirus and the resulting total death count shown as linear graphs. Last updated 7th March at 6 PM GMT


    Similar to winter flu (influenza) with a small percentage of cases going on to develop pneumonia- in severe cases, organ failure may occur.

    Who is vulnerable?

    The elderly and those with compromised immune systems such as sufferers of HIV/AIDs, or individuals receiving chemotherapy or other intense, immunocompromising treatments.

    Advice for UK Residents:

    Where possible, leave China or infected areas and return to the UK. If you have returned from Hubei or Wuhan province, stay indoors and avoid contact with people.

    Call the NHS (111) and inform them of your travels- if you are in Northern Island a coronavirus helpline has been established on 0300 200 7885.


    The most important thing is to practice sneezing hygeine, throw a tissue away after a single use.

    Wash your hands frequently, after shaking hands etc., keep your hands away from your eyes, mouth and other orifices. Fist bump instead of shaking hands where possible.

    Unless you are in China, don’t bother with a facemask. If you do, consider one such as the N95 respirator that has been proven to work against coronavirus. As the virus is so, so small it will pass through most regular facemask materials.


    Medicines useful For Covid 19 (Prophylactics & as part of Complex Treatments)

    There is a host of different nootropics here, from fancy new peptide bioregulators to animal organ extracts that significantly aid in regeneration, recovery and prophylaxis (prevention of the onset of disease, e.g. by affecting the mucosal membranes in the nose).

    We have only listed quite affordable drugs (the maximum value is around £40) which can be legally imported from Russia to most of the world. Most antiviral and prohylaxis are only available on prescription – see our FAQs section near the bottom to find out why.

    Grippferon (interferon-α2b) 1

    Grippferon | Interferon A2b

    • Antiviral – Stops the entry of the replicative parts of the virus (virons) into unaffected, healthy cells by activating their defensive mechanisms, and preventing entry of the virus through the cells outer layer.
    • Stops the entry and reproduction of viral cells through the nasal mucosa, one of the main parts of the body where viruses such as coronavirus enter.
    • Activates natural killer cells, T-Cells and macrophages producing an immunostimulatory effect.
    • Stimulates the division of bone marrow cells and their transformation into cells involved in the immune defense systems.
    • Increases the engulfing of infected cells by phagocytes, it does this by enhancing the mechanisms of antigen processing and their presentation on the walls of infected cells. (This essentially is when an infected cell shows that it is not healthy by presenting parts of the virus on its cell wall, so that cells in the immune system responsible for destroying infected cells can target them.)

    Arbidol [Umifenovir] 2


    • Broad spectrum effects against viruses including avian coronavirus
    • Recommended in use in conjunction with other antiviral treatments
    • It works by inhibiting the fusion between the viral capsid and the cell wall, meaning the virus cannot penetrate and infect cells effectively.
    • It minimizes the incidence of complications in influenza and accute respiratory illnesses (such as Coronavirus).
    • Best used as a prophylactic to reduce the risk of infection when in contact with those with coronavirus
    • The drug stimulates the development of T-cells, T-Helpers and NK cells by inducing interferon-production.
    • Stimulates macrophages, which then engulf viruses and infected cells

    Thymogen (int. Glutamyl-Tryptophan)3[The_clinico_epidemiological_efficacy_of_thymogen_in_acute_respiratory_viral_infections_in_a_military_collective]

    Thymogen | Timogen | int. Glutamyl-Tryptophan

    • Peptide immunomodulator that mimics natural thymus extract
    • Sold in ampule, spray and cream form
    • Helps wounds and scars to heal more quickly
    • Restores the function of your immune system if compromised by various illnesses including ARVI’s
    • Enhances the metabolic ,m

    Trekresan (oxyethylammonium methylphenoxyacetate)4


    • Enhances your immune system, making it especially useful if it is already compromised (like all of the drugs mentioned here)
    • Useful for fighting the side effects of viral infections like flu or coronavirus, by increasing resistance to hypoxia, and fever/chills
    • This product has been the feature of the least amount of human studies, and the linked study only show its protective properties on a model organism, there is more studies on the product link under the ‘research’ tab showing its immunoregulatory effects. It is not an effective prophylactic like for example, Interferon Alpha 2b.



    • Useful for the treatment of acute respiratory viral infections, especially in children
    • A peptide bioregulator
    • Stabilises immune response and regulates T and B cell ratios
    • Plenty of long term studies showing the positive benefits and high safety portfolio in children are available
    • Also has metastatic effects on tumours, and has been demonstrated to decrease their size
    • Useful for preventing the onset of ARVI’s
    • Stimulates the immune system, but only mildly. This makes it a safe long-term treatment, and especially helpful in cases of reduced immune function

    Polyoxidonium (Azoximer Bromide)6

    • Immunomodulatory
    • Increases the low indicators of a compromised immune system, and decreases the high ones (i.e. fever)
    • Useful in upper respiratory tract infections, influenza etc.

    Lavomax (Tilorone)7

    Lavomax antiviral

    • Anti viral
    • Immunomodulator
    • Treats acute respiratory viral infections like coronavirus
    • Increases production of alpha, beta and gama interferons in the intestinal lining
    • Increases production of hepatocytes, neutrophils and T-cells
    • Contributes to the growth of bone marrow cells
    • Enhances the efficiency of antibody production
    • Stabilises immunosuppression caused by illness, or down-regulation by other causes
    • Regulates T-lymphocyte Helper/Suppressor ratios

    Q: Why are you advertising antivirals on a nootropic website?

    A: Because of the on-going fear of Coronavirus. Many users don’t know that they can order antivirals online that help with airborne respiratory viral infections (ARVI’s)

    Q: Is there risks to using these medications?

    A: Everything we list has low toxicity and is processed slowly by the organs, often by the liver. For more detailed product descriptions and interactions check the seller page for details, and google for interactions.

    Q: Why do you think other companies aren’t recommending these product?

    A: The risk is that people would buy these medications to the extent that the virus would outlast the supply of usable antivirals, in turn making a large amount of our arsenal against viruses redundant in the future.

    We however believe that people should be given dignity and responsibility to choose to use these medications if they are available, especially if they are at risk. Imagine grandma has coronavirus, would you not choose to help her if you could?

    The whole is also important, but here individuals must be unselfish and quarantine themselves as well as using these medications where possible- do not put others at risk by going out if you suspect you might be infected. As soon as you exhibit any symptoms, get indoors and seek medical advice using the phone or internet immediately.




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    Further Reading and Resources:


    T‌hanks go to our guest writer, Andrés (Biology BSc. Royal Holloway Univ. of London) for producing this article at such short notice.

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