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Hopantenic Acid
Hopantenic Acid Molecule - Source: Wikipedia

Chemical Structure of D,l-hopantenic Acid (Pantogam Active)

What Does it Do?

Photograph of Pantogam Active Box of Pills with TextD,l – Hopantenic acid acts as a central nervous system depressant, with a mild stimulant effect.

It has additional anxiolytic effects, making it an effective treatment for a lack of focus resulting from stress or and general anxiety disorders.

Pantogam is a calcium salt manifests its effects at low concentrations. Being mild activating means it can eb used to treat a variety of disorders, and being essentially vitamin b5, it is incredibly well tolerated in people and children.

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What is Pantogam Active?

Pantogam is the brand name of D,l-hopantenic acid is a russian nootropic which is a nervous system depressant. It is sold as a treatment for the following:

    • Involuntary movement disorders, (ticks, drug induced spasms etc.)
    • ADHD
    • Developmental delays, such as those seen in autism spectrum disorders
    • Epilepsy and associated epileptic fits and convulsions
    • Treats cognitive deficits associated with dementias (dementia precox, schizophrenia and other deficits associated with abnormal signs of aging and brain function in younger ages
    • Chronic brain ishemia
    • Chronic heart disease
    • Arterial hyper tension

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History and Legal Status

Hopantenic acid is legal in the USA and in the UK. For some reason, this drug is incredibly poorly marketed- especially compared to drugs with far more dangerous and intense side effect profiles, risks for addiction and costs, such as the amphetamine salts methylphenidate, adderall and dextroamphetamine.

If you are interested in knowing more about why this might be, we recommend this article on the epidemic of over-diagnosis of ADHD in children, and how it has been tied to big pharmaceutical companies since day 1. It is in other words, many suspect ADHD to be a manufactured epidemic1https://newrepublic.com/article/137066/adhd-sold.

Where to Buy Pantogam Active?

Pantogam Active Pills

Sheet of Pantogam Active capsules

We like cosmic nootropic – they package everything very well and send their products with translated labels.

Price wise, they’re pretty cheap too- (around £10 sterling, or $13 USD as of the time of writing).

Other sellers are available, but as a rule we will only recommend sellers we have actually ordered from and one of our authors has tried themselves.

Effects of Pantogam Active | Hopantenic Acid

Anti tumor action through possible mediation of prostglandins 2https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26356282 and the possible follow up strokes that can sometimes accompany it

Anti-inflammatory action3https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26356282

Anxiolytic effects that make it useful for social anxiety, but without associated withdrawal and addiction effects of typical anxiolytic prescription drugs.

    • Focusing – improves symptoms of ADHD / ADH / SCT through modulation of acetylcholine secretion and interaction with dopaminergic systems 4

May help with PTSD and traumatic brain injury (TBI) symptoms. Study of veterans treated with Pantogam showed decreased irritability, memory loss, fatigue and sleep disturbances.5https://patents.google.com/patent/RU2643583C1/en

Possible Side Effects of Pantogam Active | D,l - Hopantenic Acid

  • Rhinitis – the inflammation of the nasal membranes
  • Conjunctivitis – also known as pink eye
  • Skin rash
  • Sleep disturbance, somnolence

Being a naturally forming substance, and homologue of panthoneic acid (vitamin B5) it has a very low side effect profile.

In the case of a possible overdose, charcoal is suggested.

Pantogam Dosage

  • Pantogam aktiv usually comes in 300 mg to 250 mg tablets, which are taken 3 x a day.
  • It is usually prescribed in doses in the range of 900-1800 mg for 1-3 months. It is taken 15-20 minutes after a meal, and absorbs best with saturated fats.
  • When prescribed for children, Pantogam sirup (syrup) is usually the preferred choice.

Pantogam Active vs Picamilon

The effects are more noticable in Pantogam Active. It is Vitamin b5 bonded with GABA, instead of Picamilons vitamin b3 (niacin) GABA bond.

Stacking Pantogam Active

Having pantogam active with fatty foods is best, and fish oils high in Omega 3 and DHEA not only help to activate Pantogam but will also enhance focus, and increase calmness anyway. As such we recommend them together for synergy.


More footnotes are available on the websites listed in our additional resources. For semax, we only picked a few to cover our main bases, partly because a lot of the literature covering Semax is in Russian.

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