Here is a useful assortment of quizzes that should help you to narrow down your choice of useful nootropic supplements. If you are having any trouble interpreting the quiz results or doing them yourself, please drop us a message over chat and we will be happy to assist you further.

  1. Braverman test – this test has been through a lot of controversy, but it is useful at helping to define what sort of brain you have, one driven by completing tasks, or by reflection, by action etc. The names of the brain types, i.e. dopaminergic would suggest you’d like to increase dopamine, so maybe something like l-tyrosine is useful. If you are cholinergic and feeling in a funk, perhaps some choline is missing from your diet. We hope to create our own test soon, which will be hosted on site. If you want to help speed this process up, please donate to us via our about us page.
  2. 16 personalities – fantastic for getting to grips with introversion, extroversion. If you are an extroverted type, you are likelier to have issues when focusing and should look into nootropics that help with this such as modafinil. Introverted types have a bit more trouble with letting loose, so something to facilitate chat and relaxation is a great idea for you. Perhaps Phenibut? Certain types have higher levels of anxiety, for example the ENFP and INFP types, which also benefit from routine. Nootropic routines can be beneficial for students with ADHD, autism and other developmental disorders that affect attention and learning. Read up on our home page for which nootropics can help with attention, adhd, autism and more!
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