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Amazon Vitamins Are Hardly Regulated!

We’re not talking about overdosing, but something far more insidious. A lot of amazon vitamins and supplements might actually be poisoning you.

Amazon can’t distinguish between ‘real’ branded, tested products and counterfeit and/or untested products. This leads to the entire market place having an unknown amount of possibly dangerous supplements and goods in circulation.

Which could be fine, but there have been numerous reports of dangerous constituents in some of these products leading to some pretty dark outcomes. For one, we know that you don’t necessarily pass a strict approval process. In some cases, it seems to be pure luck.

A History of Amazon Supplements:

Amazon merchants have been selling contraband for years, with a trader famously selling a knock-off Procter & Gamble branded probiotic supplement. This happened during a recent prime day, and users were not reimbursed.

The company did, however, issue a press release. In it, they expressed that customers should be throwing away any of their fake P&G ‘Align’-branded supplements, which were counterfeit.

FDA Recalls? Not The Case

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Amazon has little to no liability for what is sold on its market place. Its role is reactive, and there is likely to be a lot of small-time nootropics sellers who are circulating pills with not entirely innocuous contents.

In the past, companies have made attempts to sue the giant but courts have ruled in Amazon’s favour. It acts as an intermediary, and so can hardly be held responsible for what’s inside the products it transports. This falls on the sellers! Amazon has however launched an initiative where they work alongside brands in an effort to crack-down on the potentially contaminated goods.

Bad Experiences

As for myself, I still regularly take a Huperzine pill that I paid too much for to throw away and every time I have a query sensation that I can no longer assure myself is entirely psychosomatic in nature.

The sleeping pills on my shelf full of cherry extract and 5-htp gave me diarrhoea, as well as making me feel an almost MDMA like rush on an empty stomach.

The worry is that anyone who goes through the trouble could in-theory put just about anything into their products and sell them for whatever price. How many of us have a lab nearby to test the constituents of a pill or capsule? How would you know if these nootropics or amazon supplements are harming you, until 5-10 years down the line?

It’s not a risk worth taking. We recommend instead of sticking to trusted nootropics vendors. In the future, we will put up a list containing the verified vendors, and brands from Amazon that we have personally tried, as well as information on which are lab-tested, high purity, and so on.

Until then, stay safe!

  • Esme

Fact Check

Claim: Amazon issues warning to fake ‘Align’ product buyers to throw away their goods.


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