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  • Indian Ginseng / Ashwaghanda – Promotes calm which is necessary for focus, and increases energy through GABAergic regulation
  • Oral Modafinil / Modalert / Provigil Promotes wakefulness, and regulates several neurotransmitters including dopamine. Increases information retention and allows for long, uninterrupted tunnel-vision like focus on a task
  • Noopept – A russian nootropic that is similar to the racetams. It’s cholinergic, and has subtle effects on boosting cognition. It’s far more potent than Piracetam, and not quite as potent as sunifiram.
  • Caffeine – Modulates epinephrine and dopaminergic systems and increases adrenalin
  • Kratom – Dopaminergic and produces a sensation of calm, it
  • Modafinil – a classic wakefulness promoting Nootropic that has been around for a long time. It has a safe side effect profile, but is only available on prescription in the UK. It can help sustain concentrated attention, improves memory retention and can even increase IQ in certain users.
  • Adderall / Amphetamine sulfate / Ritalin / Methylphenidate etc.: these drugs bear close resemblance to the street drug meth, also known as crystal. They are dopamine agonists, dopamine reuptake inhibitors or both. They produce a sense of urgency, making them favourites for the treatment of ADHD. These are high risk, scheduled drugs with a high risk of addiction. Ritalin is pharmacologically more similar to cocaine. Careful, kiddies. Alternatives are available, like l-tyrosine and dopamine precursor rich diets
  • Fish oil – Omega 3, 6, DHEA and others are fantastic at doses from 1-4 grams a day depending on your diet, and other factors. They help to maintain healthy levels of hormones, increase longevity and are anti inflammatory. On top of this, they’re great for calming you down and have been even been shown to provide slight benefits for focus and concentration.
  • Semax – A russian made peptide analogue of ACTH, it increases focus by affecting the serotonergic and dopaminergic systems and increases BDNF levels.
  • Sunifiram – Also known as: DM-235, 1-benzoyl-4-propanoylpiperazine, 314728-8503 (CAS Number), CID 4223182 (PubChem), CHEMBL309176, C14H18N2O2. It’s a novel nootropic derived from piperazine. discovered with the purpose of helping alzheimers disease sufferers. It is far more potent than piracetam and noopept. It aids in the release of acetylcholine, and at low dosages improves glucose uptake by the brain.
  • Piracetam – Just like sunifiram above it’s a cholinergic, and being so it helps with ‘bigger picture’ tasks, and problems that require switching from perceiving to thinking, or from switching between different stimuli.
  • L-Arginine – Cardiovascular support, supports athletic performance and the immune system
  • Zinc – Antioxidant, needed for male reproduction, contributes to normal testosterone levels in blood
  • Ashwagandha – Adaptogen, helpful for maintaining strength, stress relieving anxiolytic
  • Modafinil – Narcolepsy drug used for maintaining extended periods of focus, increases wakefulness
  • Kratom – Affects opiod receptors and dopamine receptors, creates calm and mild euphoria at higher doses
  • Ashwaghanda – Relaxant
  • Bacopa Monieri – Anxiolytic
  • Rhodiola – Anxiolytic
  • Valerian – Sedant
  • L-Theanine – Calmant
  • Kratom – Opiod, calming, euphoric
  • Ashwaghanda – reduces inflammation but increases calm and response to stress. Good for recovery, not so good for working out
  • Creatine – Boosts your brain power and helps to stave off fatigue by helping to recharge mitochondria, the powerhouses of cells
  • Co-Enzyme-Q – Fuels your mitochondria and acts as a strong anti-oxidant, good for focusing but prevents inflammation for muscle building
  • Taurine – supports cellular energy metabolism, acts on GABA and glycine receptors
  • Caffeine – promotes focus and increases blood flow
  • Modafinil – Has been demonstrated to increase your ability to workout by reducing exhaustion (see study)
  • Alcohol – In small doses, especially after a learning task alcohol has been shown to improve recall and task performance
  • LSD-Microdose – Increasingly popular among professionals, tiny doses are taken every 3-4 days with increasing dosage each time to offset the quick onset of psychadelic tolerance. LSD increases mental energy and connectedness between different areas of the brain. As well as this it can produce feelings of euphoria, hightened colour perception, spiritual sensations and increased mental and physical energy.
  • NicotineImproves cognition but smoking cigarettes is the main, preventable cause of death in developed countries. Alternatives are available, such as nicotine patches. Note that nicotine has adverse effects on health also. The O’Keefes would sit and chain smoke before painting everyday!
  • Phenibut –  A central nervous (CNS) depressant that is still marketed in eastern European countries as an anxiolytic
  • Piracetam – An old-school nootropic with moderate effects on cognition, Gwern recommends taking it with the colinergic, DHEA.
  • Psilopsybin – used alongside therapy to treat a number of mental health conditions, the reputability of magic shrooms has been on the rise. On shrooms there is a greater sense of the connectedness of your ideas and thinking, greater memory recall and a gentle buzz or euphoria. Besides these there are a great deal more, keep your eyes peeled for our blog posts and new pages on using psychadelics at nootropic doses.
  • L-Theanine – Drinking can make us anxious. Having L-Theanine before a session is thought to have benefits, as it reduces the anxiety that already anxious people may experience more intensely whilst drunk. It also has several nootropic benefits besides its positives for your mental health and wellbeing.
  • N-Acetyl-Cysteine – Helps to maintain the levels of glutathione is your cells by serving as a precursor chemical to its synthesis. It brings about lower cravings from alcohol for alcoholics, and reduces craving for a number of different addictions (ever check out the NoFap forums? They’re all about NAC : P )
  • Vitamin B-12 – alcohol saps your body of b12, so replenishing this useful b-vitamin after a heavy sesh makes a lot of sense. If you’re an alcoholic, consider taking a range of B-vitamins.
  • Noopept – Useful after years of alcohol abuse, but we don’t recommend taking them together.
  • Electrolytes
  • Piracetam – Used to restore cognition to ex-alcoholics.
  • Emoxypine – Similar structurally to a B-vitamin, and has neuroprotective and anxiolytic effects.
  • Water – I know right?
  • Sulbutiamine –
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine
  • Noopept
  • Modafinil  – Cholinergic nootropic, enhances vigilance for extended periods
  • Lions Mane Mushroom – Anti depressant
  • Piracetam – Racetam family, improves recall, originally an alzheimers treatment
  • Huperzine – Cholinergic
  • Semax – A peptide based nootropic that improves focus, especially for mundane tasks.

Quick Tips & Best Practices Before Ordering Nootropics 

Looking to experiment but have found the content too long, didn’t read? Most nootropics are safe. We recommend you read up on them a little at least, especially for the more potent kinds that are also clinical and recreational drugs like modafinil, shrooms and lsd.

  1. Purchase your nootropics as powders, it’s far cheaper. That and, most commercial brands – we’ll avoid naming any – are expensive, well marketed concoctions of nootropics that are rumoured to work well together, albeit at reasonable dosages. Given that many supposed nootropics don’t even cross the blood brain barrier, we’ll leave it up to you if you want to pay £100 for a 1 month supply of god-knows-what.
  2. Invest in some delicate scales to measure your nootropics
  3. Consider using a notebook or a spreadsheet to write down some measures of how your experience of the nootropics was. Useful subjective indicators for l theanine might be quality of rest, ease of focus and objective measures would be N-Back tests, and recall tests for example. Over long periods, these should act as good indicators of whether or not the nootropics are working for you.
  4. Read into stacks and introduce new nootropics gradually. This way you can descern the sensations for yourself and steadily find a mixture that works for you.
  5. Consider changing your diet if you’re just looking for supplements. Most of us don’t need a bunch of extra vitamins and minerals. A few like iodine are handy to replenish through supplementation because they’re tough to come by in your diet.

What are Nootropics? Know your Modafinil from your Sildenafil

More importantly, do nootropics work? Despite being remarkably well studied, nootropics both legal and illegal have been widely researched. Available since the ’60s (or way before that if you include nicotine, alcohol or caffeine) Nootropic drugs are a class of supplements and drugs that improve mental well being.

Nootropics affect neuroreceptors, the sites where a number of chemicals are dancing away in your brain. They can increase or decrease the number of impulses fired in different centres in the brain. Improving focus, reducing anxiety, boosting learning and vigilance are among the effects of top nootropics.

what are nootropicsDrugs like caffeine and taurine, common components in energy drinks are great nootropics for boosting energy and attention. This is just the beginning, the rabbit hole of nootropic drugs runs deep. Driven by man’s quest to perform better and edge ahead of his peers, the nootropic drug repertoire grows daily.

The huge number of different kinds available can seem overwhelming, so here at we provide quizzes to help you first determine what kinds of nootropics might benefit you based on your unique brain chemistry. Nootropic.Press is committed to responsible reporting, and so we provide sources for our claims about nootropics efficacy.

This website is maintained by two science graduates who have personally experimented with and used all the nootropics listed whilst studying bioscience degrees at top universities. Read more about our story here.

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Are Nootropic Supplements Safe?

Nootropic drugs are generally safe when ordered from reputable vendors. Some are study drugs, and these tend to have greater risk involved. Modafinil made in Indian pharmacies is probably fine for a while but its cheap price and accessibility make it ripe for abuse, much like deep web ordered products. Be careful!

Do not order from unknown websites, stick to vendors such as Amazon or other trusted brands. These companies have vetting structures in place to weed out snake oil salesmen. Don’t risk your health ordering from random internet vendors. Many of them are unregulated, and distribute their products from abroad where regulators can’t touch them.

Oral Modafinil: Side Effects, Dosage and Legality

Modafinil is often cited as the real-life Limitless pill, NZT-48. It effects on wakefulness have been tried by numerous studies and work. Whilst it might not make you a genius, it certainly gives you an edge- and a kick.

Possible Side Effects

As with any supplements or drugs, some individuals may experience adverse reactions. Always check if you have allergies to any of the ingredients listed on the label. Generally, they tend to have fewer side effects than prescription or OTC (over the counter) medicines. Even so, caution is advised- and if you feel unsure about taking a nootropic medicine to consult with your general practitioner first.

Illegal and Legal Nootropics

Nootropics are mostly legal, with some exceptions. In the UK it is illegal to buy Modafinil without a prescription from your general practitioner. It can however be purchased from outside the UK (The EU). This tends to be what most students who want to buy Modafinil go for. Popular sites in the past few years have included Modafinil cat, which was recently shut down. The most known current distributor is, most likely a brainchild of the same creator.

In the USA, Modafinil (Provigil) and it’s cousin Armodafinil are available without a prescription. They’re often known as trucker drugs, because of their availability at every truck stop on the highway. Amphetamine class ‘ADHD’ drugs such as methylphenidate and dextroamphetamine are also prescription only too.

One of the lesser known illegal nootropics is Acid (LSD) which has great potential for connecting the brain and aiding in memory and learning. Some proponents of psychedelic drugs claim that if Methylphenidate hadn’t come along, we would probably be using Acid to treat attention disorders today.

Read our Nootropics Blog!

Still feeling unsure? That’s okay – We’re here to help.

Try this bravvermann test before deciding on a supplement. We are working on a table that should help you to decide on nootropic drugs that have effects that suit you better using your responses. As for now, well. It’s still pretty handy to know. If you find out your type is dopamine dominant, check out dopaminergic nootropics, if it’s cholinergic, then cholinergic. And so on!

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