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Why Would you Use the Deep Web for Nootropics?

 Whilst many safe nootropics are available on the clear web – that’s what we call the searchable, indexed version of the web – many are not. This can be because of specific countries laws on research chemicals. It can also have to do with the over the counter regulations on that drug, or a variety of other factors.

Thinking about ordering nootropics? Check out the legality of the specific drugs nootropics you’d like to order first.

Certain kinds of nootropics such as modafinil are widely available to have and hold, but might not be readily sold around the user. Others are notoriously difficult to come by online, such as Noopept. You might be shopping for a great price or a certain brand of Provigil. Whatever it might be, nootropics users can find it easy to end up on the deep web, searching for fresh links so they can buy 500 mg Provigil on the cheap.

Some websites sell Modafinil on the clear web and are worth considering over less reliable deep web vendors. Check out our highstreet pharma review here.

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What is the Deep Web? 

The deep web is essentially the non-indexable, oft-called dark side of the internet or the dark web. This side of the internet thrives with the illegal and the unobtainable. Being on deep web links websites that supply the web addresses you need to access markets online itself is ill-advised, as they may run bitcoin miners or other malicious code.

Even so, these websites often provide guides for accessing the deep web using Tor. Tor encrypts your information end to end, making it invisible to potential onlookers. There are still risks involved, however, although if your plans are just browsing then don’t lose any sleep.

Users who regularly access the deep web to conduct their nefarious schemes may use ‘burner laptops’ with special operating systems, such as the Linux OS ‘Tails’.

OS’s such as these are loaded onto and then run from USB sticks, making accessing the deep web something that becomes possible from remote locations, instantly. Some users run Virtual Private Network’s or VPN’s to hide their IP, which is like a virtual address.

Risks and Ways of Staying Safe?

If you have ordered some products from the deep web, please test them first. Compare the product to real pharmacy product images online. Look closely at the blister and pills, the colours and packaging design and check the expiry.

If you have ordered a recreational drug then test it using the appropriate reagent kit, which can be bought cheaply online.

Using a VPN can help you to stay safe, but either way, consider not using the deep web to buy nootropics and just sticking to those you can order over the clear web.

It’s easy for a rookie to get ripped off on there, and even once you’ve figured out a way online you’ll have to figure out how to purchase and transfer Bitcoin too.

Bummer huh?

Deep Web Links: How Do Reddit and Silk Road Times Compare to Now?

It used to be the case that Reddit kept fresh links in its r/darknetmarkets boards. Those boards are now banned and using Reddit deep web links is a thing of the past.

Unfortunately, this means that websites which host fresh deep web links are around now and again, but they are generally less safe than Reddit. In 2019, ordering alternative medicines was incredibly difficult. Now things might get worse.

Although they can provide fake links and redirect you, run miners in the background of your computer and much more. Though this is somewhat unlikely if you keep a watchful eye, or take precautions such as using a virtual machine, and or a burner laptop. Either way, there are many unregulated websites out there trying to scam users in this way, so be careful. It’s well documented if you don’t believe us!

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