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This piece is an experience post on Modafinil + LSD with some facts scattered around.  We do not endorse taking illegal drugs, always consult your doctor before starting any nootropics or drugs.

We will be covering how to log and record data from microdosing and nootropics experiments in more detail at a later date, although we do offer some rudimentary tips on how to take nootropics on our homepage.

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Taking Modafinil and LSD Together

Have you ever seen the stars and cried? Well okay, try staring at them whilst on light doses of modafinil and LSD, you’ll likely come close. Modafinil has been called a wonder drug, a smart pill, NZT, ‘that drug from limitless’ and doubless many more odd names, but to the majority it still remains somewhat of an enigma.

Spoiler: I take a few nootropic drugs together in this post, my usual caffeine and nicotine, plus some others.

What is Modafinil Like?

As a student I first encountered the drug on my second year, when a friend studying Chemistry ordered some for our finals exams. I found it amazing, on the first day managing around 12 hours of solid work.

I was glued to my seat with full tunnel vision of my goals for the day. Even on the next day, some of its effects seem to linger because of its long half life as a drug. I also felt that I had better retention of the topics learned on the previous day.

This is a universal effect of Modafinil, it increases glutamate production in the hippocampus. Glutamate helps to keep neurones ‘excited’, firing rapidly and transferring information.

The hippocampus is the area of the brain responsible for dealing with new memory formation. It does not significantly increase dopamine, meaning the abuse for potential is low unlike with amphetamines – keep tuned in as we’ll be covering nootropics that go well with amphetamines soon. (Including what to take on a comedown, to keep your brain in good health! Hint: Vitamin C 😉

Arvigil Armodafinil Tablet 150 MG

Armodafinil 150 mg: a common Modafinil generic tablet blister pack.

The wakefulness-promoting effects of Modafinil however, are still poorly understood. They are thought to involve the ventrolateral preoptic nucleus (VLPO) of the hypothalamus.

This is a small cluster of neurones involved in the control of the arousal and wakefulness system, and one of the neurotransmitters that it releases is GABA. Modafinil effecting this system is one of the leading theories about how it affects our wakefulness, but this still remains disputed. It’s all rather mysterious.

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Mixing a Microdose of LSD and Modafinil with the Usual Suspects: Caffeine + Nicotine

LSD | Modafinil | Biohacking

Me updating my brain with this LSD-processor chip. Update unsuccessful.

Beginning: 9 am

End: 3 am

I take Modafinil usually when I have a long day ahead, and my sleep has been garbage. I’ll usually recognise this, and take some from my bedside table, swallow half a pill and go to sleep. It wakes you up around half an hour later, and in a pretty good mood to boot.

My regular espresso with the Modafinil I took on getting up was euphoric. It’s a bad idea to mix stimulants as it effects the heart. Don’t do what I did, kids. Or adults, and certainly not grandparents.

Smoking cigarettes was far more enjoyable on Armodafinil too. Caffeine and Nicotine are both nootropic, so it’s no wonder that the synergistic effects of modafinil were thrilling! I felt up and awake, showered and set off feeling as far from a stoned ape as this nootropic stash could allow.

The nicotine has the effect of slowing things down. It also interestingly gives everything in my vision a ‘yellow’ tint. LSD can create a lot of synasthesia type effects, and knowing nicotine is yellow my brain was probably playing tricks on me! After having the four drugs together, I felt more focused and ‘myself’.

Interesting notes: The nicotine also seems to add to the rapid recall improvements of the LSD and modafinil. When searching for words to quickly spit out a sentence, there is no shelf too high or tough to reach, no word too tough to hunt down.

Tips for Taking LSD 

Incidentally, if you’re going to microdose LSD, have some great music around. LSD micro-dosing heightens your senses, peripheral vision, the vibrancy of colours, your subjective energy- it all skyrockets.

Caffeine or alcohol will overpower your trip, not allowing you to sit down and focus but keeping you active and jittery, or in the case of alcohol it will ruin pretty much everything about the trip.

If you insist on having caffeine on your trip, have some herbal teas or coca cola original. The sugar helps you to sustain the trip and Albert Hoffmann considered it of great importance to keep your blood sugar levels high throughout your trip.

Later in the Day: Mixing Modafinil with LSD

I started my travels to get back home an hour after leading my house and taking the Modafinil. At 12, I took my first dose of LSD.

Wondering how to prepare a tab of acid for microdosing? First you order regular acid tabs, usually from the deep web unless you know a reputable vendor.

Then, you take your tab and dissolve it in alcohol (distilled water also works), I then pipetted the liquid lsd onto a separate tab.

For example: if you know your tab is 100 ug, take a pipette and mix the tab with 10 mls of distilled water or alcohol. Leave the tab in the water, in the dark for a day. Pipette out 1 ml of that water, it will contain 10 ug of LSD.

I dried this tab, and took it at 12 to combine with the 30 mg of Modafinil (modalert) I had taken in the morning. I was moving house and had a day full of different tasks that would require focus. Then at night I would be moving in and meeting up with some friends.

Be careful: Get a drug testing kit too, as sometimes LSD can be contaminated, or you might be sold the highly neurotoxic PMA instead of LSD.

Measuring Effects of Drugs by Doing Tasks

Testing your performance on tasks is usually a good way of measuring the effectiveness of a nootropic as a whole, instead of at certain activities.

The downside is the subjective reporting of the data, ideally, you would repeat similar tasks or activities over several days, or correct mathematically for your improvement at the tasks measured.

If you’re interested in these methods, we recommend heading over to Gwern’s website where he covers microdosing LSD.

How Does it Feel?

Cleaning was a highly energetic task, I wanted to get everything done quickly and yet effectively so that I could avoid incurring my landlords’ wrath. The colours of even mundane activities made them worthwhile, and I noticed how perceptive my eyes were of the tiny globules of water spraying from the sink.

I felt a sense of well being comparable to amphetamines like Ritalin (methylphenidate), and felt quite confident and not very anxious, compared to my regular mood. I find this is a frequent occurrence when acid micro-dosing, my sense of well being and desire to talk and maintain a conversation with anyone increases palpably.

Free association during the conversations flows a lot more freely. Tying this to state dependent memory, I’d speculate that having a greater amount of peripheral vision and therefore being aware of more sensations translates into a greater capacity to recall memories.

My problem solving was sped up compared to others around me, and I felt very confident in my ability to get the tasks done such as packing boxes in the house efficiently, and then again arranging them in a space-effective way in the removals van.

Later that night, we went for drinks and I again sensed the heightened confidence. Alcohol and modafinil don’t really mix, and it usually decreases the effects of acid. However I was out with friends and my experiment was nearly over- why not have some fun.

I ended up drinking 3 pints and feeling incredibly aware and conscious. LSD diminishes the effects of alcohol and the more booze you have the less you feel the effects of the LSD. Some harm reduction to keep in mind is that you can lose track of how much you drink on both modafinil and LSD. So try to take it easy or preferably, not drink at all. I know, the blind leading the blind.

Final Thoughts on LSD Microdosing: 

If you follow the procedure try to avoid mixing LSD with other drugs.  I knew my state of mind on all the drugs by themselves, and so I could mix them and know roughly what to expect from each. Even then, the experiences were surprising and novel.

The LSD made everything eyewatteringly beautiful, and it was enhanced by the modafinil. The caffeine, nicotine and booze were totally superfluous and at times ruined my enjoyment of the different drugs. If you are going to microdose, do so safely and avoid mixing drugs.

Further Reading:

Modafinil fact sheet

Disclaimer: This blog in no way provides medical advice or promotes or encourages the taking of illegal drugs or medicines. It is merely informational.

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