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Do Nootropics Cross the Blood Brain Barrier?

Check out our blog post on some common nootropics questions in order to find out. Nootropics can cross the blood brain barrier although it depends on which. Often, because nootropics are herbs and different natural supplements it’s compounds within those supplements that are in fact crossing the blood brain barrier. Check out our page on Ashwaghandha and withanolides for more on that.

Are Nootropics Safe?

Nootropic drugs are generally safe when ordered from reputable vendors.  Do not order from unknown websites, stick to vendors such as Amazon or other trusted brands. These companies have vetting structures in place to weed out snake oil salesmen.

Don’t risk your health ordering from random internet vendors. Many of them are unregulated, and distribute their products from abroad where regulators can’t touch them.

Do Nootropics have Side Effects?

As with any supplements or drugs, some individuals may experience adverse reactions. Always check if you have allergies to any of the ingredients listed on the label.

Generally, they tend to have less side effects than prescription or OTC (over the counter) medicines. Even so, caution is advised- and if you feel unsure about taking a nootropic medicine to consult with your general practitioner first.

Are Nootropics Scientific?

Nootropics are easy to confound with holistic medicine and quackery. Some nootropics like modafinil have been around for a very long time and have been shown to work consistently well by many studies. Modafinil started its life being ingested by fighter pilots who needed to prolong their focus for long periods of time, and has made its way into the bellies of anxious, competitive students.

Others such such as ashwaghandha, lions mane and rhodiola have only recently been introduced to the west. It’s normal for us to have some natural skepticism towards these ingredients. I implore the reader to remind themself that many modern medicines have been inspired or taken directly from plants and procedures founded in folk medicine.

Ayurvedic roots and chinese medicines are quickly making there way into the west. We should safely investigate it, and separate the gold from the dirt.

We recommend people who use nootropics properly apply the scientific method to their intake. Whether it be a simple experiment, like writing down doses and comparing time on the drug to a baseline and researching to see if the reported effects match your own. Should you choose to measure your account using statistical methods (check out for more) then there is less risk involved to you from taking a useless nootropic and wasting money on it.


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