Nootropics City, Cosmic Nootropic and HighStreetPharma, January Reviews Incoming, Plus a Preview on Our Press’ Nootropics 2020 Adventure Schedule

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Watch out for our reviews of Nootropics City, Cosmic Nootropic and High Street Pharma this Spring

Hello, Nootropics Press readers and followers! We hope that you have been enjoying your holidays as much as we have. Besides dying to order from the new kids on the block, Nootropics City, we were recently sent some nootropics to review and keeping you in the loop as we try a few products. These are not your common nootropics, and were kindly sent to us by a russian nootropics company called cosmic nootropic.

Modalert 200 MG (Interested in Modafinil? Check out our article!)

Pantogam Active (D-, L-hopantenic Acid)

– A Russian nootropic used for concentration. It’s a GABAergic with an interesting history and  decent safety portfolio.  I started dosing on the 24th (Christmas eve, in the hope of some delicious Christmas Cognitive rewards).

The results so far have been very promising, and what’s more impressive was the delivery, well packed and safe. More on that in January when we release the full review!

Selank (TP-7) – is a Nootropic protein, artificially made by stabilising the tuftsin protein that naturally occurs in our antibodies with another peptide sequence. Tuftsin has the effect of reducing anxiety and increasing serotonin.

It binds to GABA receptors in cells, causing a sedentary effect but also increasing BDNF a learning factor. Selank is an incredibly promising drug and relatively unknown nootropic in the west, and we’re especially excited for this review.

Semax: a BDNF boosting smart drug that elevates dopamine, and helps to prevent stroke. It’s said to enhance concentration and reduce the negative effects of stress.


We’re super keen to try these all out and get back to you in January. As for the rest of 2020, here’s some tips on what we’ll be up to:

What We Have Planned for 2020:

  • More articles and guides on rare and not often explored nootropics
  • Collaborations with lab-tested nootropics dealers to bring you nootropics coupons and voucher codes
  • Creating more video content and downloadables for our readership to help you get to grasps with ordering and using the correct nootropics for you

Interested in Modafinil but not sure where? Check out our voucher to buy modafinil online through a regulated US vendor – if you want to know more then you can read our our HighStreetPharma review here.


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