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New Nootropic Sunifiram discovered

Sunifiram | Everything you Need to Know

A recently discovered racetam which started being trialled in the early 2000’s, it is thought to be around 1000 x as powerful as our earliest racetam, Piracetam. As such, it lends itself to similar uses. Some examples include the treatment of alzheimers, ex-alcoholics and other patients with neurodegenerative disorders.

Has it been tested?

Mainly on non-human test subjects called ‘model’ organisms, so called because they are similar enough to humans that we can expect similarities in the effects of the drug. For example, mamallians share a number of neural pathways, which contan the same or analogous receptors and binding sites.

So if we test on a mouse for example, and see statistically significant effects we can expect to see a similar effect in humans. However, there has not yet been toxicology reports on Sunifiram and we advise you to explore alternative nootropics until such a time comes. The long term effects could be damaging, as is the trend in a number of drugs, supplements and nootropics with little to no testing.

Sunifiram Experience | Sunifiram Reddit Report

Here’s a condensed version:

  • 10-15 minutes to kick in, similar to noopept – a lot of orally ingested supplements start to take effect after 20 minutes. We don’t recommend snorting sunifiram as it seems to burn mucous membranes. This redditer reported a stinging sensation under his tongue.
  • Full on focus, with easy shift in perception from different activities, i.e. chatting then studying, watching television at the same time. This gives credence to the idea that cholinergic nootropics are great multi-tasking brain food supplements for the day to day.
  • Euphoria
  • Stacked well with piracetam, noopept and nefiracetam
  • Short lasting, 1-3 hours

How does it work?

It appears to increase the rate at which glucose is taken up by brain cells at lower doses, but inhibits the uptake of glucose at higher doses1

It also regulates GABA, and appears to increase the rate at which synapses fire in the brain2 This increases the speed of recall by increasing the rate at which neurones fire. The increase in connectivity and rate of the neurones firing connections in the hippocampus is thought to be responsible for its reported effect of increasing the rate of learning.


Stacking Options

so long as there is ample ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate) and neurotransmitters available for the job, this nootropic should help you to focus in tasks that require a lot of switching between smaller tasks. For example, if you are switching between watching an educational video to making notes on the information provided.

Because sunifiram is a racetam and therefore a cholinergic, we suggest taking it with a GABAnergic supplement and a cholinergic supplement, such as Alpha GPC3 and Choline. These should keep up the levels of the neurotransmitters required to help a user increase their rate of learning whilst on sunifiram by providing them with all the necessary precursors and neurotransmitters it affects.


Warning: Sunifiram is a new-ish nootropic and it is only legally allowed to be sold for research purposes. It has NO FDA approval as a medication, and no official toxicology reports. If you wish to try it, we recommend you excercise caution. A fair deal of nootropics similar to it exist that have gone through more rigorous testing, such as aniracetam, piracetam and noopept.

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Sunifiram's Purported Beneficial Effects

  • Aids memory formation, recall and focus
  • Helps you to learn at a faster rate
  • Aids in formation of memories and with recall

Sunifiram Dosage

  • 1-15 mg per day at most, as it’s 100 x more powerful than Piracetam which is often administered at dosages of 1000 mg per dose.
  • Half life is aproximately 3 hours

Is it legal?

  • Sunifiram is not a scheduled drug, it’s not FDA approved and it has had no official toxicology reports. It can be purchased purely for research purposes. Experiment with yourself at your own risk.

Stacking Ideas

  • Choline – avoid very strong cholinergics, even using more eggs in your diet whilst taking sunifiram is enough. Vegan diets are naturally rich in choline!
  • Glutamine powder is a great GABA precursor to stack with this powerful nootropic

Buy Sunifiram

Honestly the safest seller we could find on a major website was a seller through ebay. Doesn’t seem to be just another guy home brewing nootropic miracle pills. Still, excercise caution and stay safe if you decide you want to use this!

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